About Us

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Emerging from a combined 50 years of construction and finance knowledge and hands-on experience, HMI was formed with one primary objective: SUCCESS.

Well-known RCI Construction Group, one of Washington’s largest civil/industrial construction companies, was founded and operated by HMI Chairman Mark Robison for nearly 30 years.

Upon the sale of RCI to Parsons, Mark, recognizing the abundance of opportunities in property development, formed HMI with the objective of expanding upon these opportunities.

From redevelopment of existing properties to building from the ground up, and from investing in start-up companies to acquiring existing businesses, HMI has created a proven track record of ventures representing exemplary quality and profitability, even through tough economic times. Holding to the belief that long term and mutually beneficial working relationships contribute to a company’s success, HMI surrounds itself with talented contractors, architects, financial partners and others with whom close partnerships are formed and as a result, projects thrive.

HMI. Achieving a Higher Mark of Success.

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